Take 20!® Volume 1

$ 10.99

Take 20!® Volume 1 is about fitting it in! Choose from 3 different training sessions to meet your needs. Do one at a time, or do them all together! You choose!

Take 20!® Cardio Kickbox guides you through easy-to-follow boxing and martial arts inspired movements to give you a challenging, but doable, cardiovascular workout. Options are provided to help you stay safe, while still finding an effective, but fun training intensity.

Take 20!® Strength Circuit brings you through three rounds of a strength training circuit. Each round consists of six exercises performed for one minute each. Learn the exercise during the first round, practice it throughout the second round and ROCK it out in the third round! Build a strong, lean and tight body.

Take 20!® Recharge focuses on using the breath to facilitate relaxation, while improving flexibility throughout the entire body. Increase range of motion, promote mobility and increase blood circulation, as you recharge your mind and body.

Recommended Equipment: Hand weights, exercise mat & towel

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